Sunday, July 13, 2008


Alright--here it goes. I'm just gonna lay this one out there. First let me lay the background: For the past few days I've been feeling quite sick and am amazed I got through work on was a real challenge. So, Saturday and today I spent in a feverish delirium, sleeping constantly, in an attempt to get well enough for Monday morning work...I had gotten up around 5pm and ate some dinner and then decided to go to sleep for the night right afterwards.

I was SOUND asleep, in deep sleep, dreaming about a gigantic turtle in an underground cave somewhere in the Carribean....I was just about to discover the mysteries of the universe, when.... my cell phone, which I keep plugged in by my bed, started ringing loudly with its Moroccan-style tune. I sat straight up in bed, heart pounding, eyes, most likely bulging...I could feel the drool on the left side of my mouth which had dried sometime during my sleep. I didn't answer the phone; this was going to require some quick thinking. I noticed it was 8:30!!! I had overslept big-time!! I usually get up a little after 4am!! I didn't recall turning the alarm off--how the heck did this happen! And, worse, how was I going to explain to work why I hadn't called into ER already to let them know I was either going to be sick or late. The Government is very strict about their policy about calling in 2 hrs prior to your my case my actual shift start time is 6:30am. I was still new to this job and this was really going to look bad. My real boss was on vacation and so another manager was covering...I don't even know her yet. First I decided to try and call my boss right back. Apparently it was a "wrong number" who had called me because they didn't know who "Sherry" was. Alright then, I had no choice but to call ER and to see if they might have Sherry's extension # so I could talk to her directly. ER transferred the call and the phone began to ring. It continued ringing. I was letting it ring while I was thinking how I was going to explain to this manager how I possibly overslept 4 hrs. How irresponsible can a person be?! Oh my's daylight out there! The birds are chirping!! How could I have not woken up!? The phone rang on and on endlessly. No voicemail...nothing. So I hung up. I ran to the bathroom for some flash-diarrhea, and then I decided to call ER back to let them know I was calling in sick. As the phone was ringing I decided to question what day it was...apparently my brain was just now starting to fire. I jumped online and opened MSN and there it was: Sunday, July 13, 2008. I hung up the phone and let out a huge sigh of relief. I don't even WORK on Sunday! Wait until I tell my kids this one. Where did you say that Adult Day Care Center was located again?

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Will Thomas said...

That's always the worst feeling in the world and a horrible way to wake up. LOL

I hear you got a visit from Elder Jimmy Hill. How fun!